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Are you thinking of spring cleaning your home? Perhaps, you’ve finally decided to declutter your garage after postponing for a long time? Whichever the case may, our skip bins in Gold Coast are the perfect choices to help you get rid of the rubbish!

Indeed, at Go Bins Gold Coast, we have an extensive selection of skip bins for Gold Coast residential homes. This way, you can choose the size and type of bin you need based on the debris you heave out during cleaning. Of course, we maintain the highest standards of excellence in delivering a skip bin you hire, collecting it, and disposing of its contents.
However, before you hire a skip bin from our office on the Gold Coast, there are a couple of safety guidelines you should know. This way, you can use our Gold Coast skips safely and efficiently when you need to.
But first, let us examine the advantages of using our skips bins in the Gold Coast.

2. Why Using Our Gold Coast Skips Is Recommended 

There is no doubt that undertaking a thorough cleaning project can be quite stressful. But, why worsen your stress levels by trying to dispose of your rubbish yourself when you can hire Gold Coast skip bins from us? 

At Go Bins Gold Coast, we offer high-quality skip bins and waste management services in Gold Coast. Indeed, we are truly the best in the business. However, we are not saying all these to get to hire our skip bin on the Gold Coast (although you should). We also want you to know the advantages you stand to gain when you do business with us.

Here are several reasons you should contact Go Bins Gold Coast for your skip bin needs in Gold Coast:

  • We are cost-effective.

  • Gold skip bins are always in tip-top condition.

  • We save you the stress and hassle of trying to get rid of inert waste from your projects, (timber, concreting bricks, etc.)

  • We have several bin classes to cater to waste and rubbish removal needs (either general waste, green waste, or more).

  • We offer competitive skip bin hire prices on the Gold Coast.

  • We adhere to the highest standards of the Australian waste removal Services council’s regulations.

Now that you know some of the perks of hiring skip bins from us at Go Bins Gold Coast, let us examine how to use our bins safely.

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3. Why You Should Not Overload Our Gold Coast Skip Bins

When people hire skip bins to clear out their residential buildings on the Gold Coast, there is always a tendency to overload the skip. Indeed, it is not surprising that most clients will try to cram all they can, and more, into one skip bin.

However, while such actions are understandable, we try to discourage our clients from doing it, and we’ll tell you why. From our years of experience as Gold Coast’s foremost company for hiring skip bins, here are the dangers of overloading said bins:

  • Overloading skip bins may cause littering and environmental pollution during transport to the disposal site.

  • Overloaded bins may cause unbalanced weight distribution which can tip the transport truck during movement. This is not only dangerous to our drivers but can also put other road users at risk.

  • Loading skip bins beyond their capacity makes it more challenging to transport, which can cause delays, not to mention transportation mishaps.

  • Finally, jumping into skip bins to try and compact the waste can result in injuries such as lacerations and sprains. So, why not play it safe?

This is not to say you should leave the skip bins you hire at half capacity if you have more waste. Instead, these tips are designed to help us serve you better. Contact Go Bins Gold Coast today.

4. Preventing Fires and Hazards Through Appropriate Waste Disposal

While waste disposal seems like a rather harmless project to undertake, it can have rather severe consequences of proper care.

You see, different types of waste have their appropriate methods of disposal. For instance, you should not dispose of chemical materials with recyclables. Otherwise, you’ll be posing a fire hazard for both you and other people in the vicinity.

As a rule of thumb, if you’ll be putting electrical devices or electronic equipment in our Gold Coast skip bins, we require that you tell us ahead of time. This way, we can take proper precautions when disposing of such materials.

Also, at Go Bins Gold Coast, we typically do not handle chemical waste, such as batteries, gas bottles, petroleum products, asbestos, fluorescent tubes, and medical waste. Instead, we recommend reaching out to the appropriate authorities for the disposal of such materials.

Do you want to hire top-of-the-line skip bins on the Gold Coast? Reach out to Go Bins Gold Coast today. We’d love to help. 

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