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Regulations and Compliance in Skip Bin Hiring

Are you thinking of hiring a skip bin for a future project? In this case, it is important to be mindful of the guidelines and compliance related to skip bin hiring in Australia. 

This guide contains all the information you need so that you can hire a skip bin without getting into trouble with the authorities.

Basic Rules for Good Skip Bin Placement

For proper regulations and compliance in Australia, skip bin placement is key. These are the basics:

  1. Place on a stable, level surface like concrete or asphalt.
  2. Make sure there’s enough space around for access and manoeuvrability.
  3. Stay clear of power lines and other potential hazards.
  4. Obtain necessary permits from local authorities before putting on public property (see below for more information).
  5. Don’t overload beyond the weight limit – it could lead to safety hazards.

Plus, consider unique details such as covering the skip bin with a tarp as it prevents debris from flying out and littering.

Permit Requirements for Different Councils

Skip bin hiring permits vary between councils in Australia. Each council sets their own regulations, so the necessary permits can be different. Permit requirements vary, but getting the necessary permits and following regulations ensures a smooth process when hiring skip bins. Moreover, improper waste disposal can result in fines of up to $8,000 AUD per offence. 

You may need to apply for a temporary permit from your local council if you wish to place the skip bin:

  • On nature strips
  • On the road
  • On easements running down the side of the property
  • On parkland or other areas that border their property
  • On footways (footpaths)

Our friendly team at Go Bins Gold Coast can advise you further on this. Plus, we will offer advice on the best place to place your skip bin based on your property access so it is safe for all.

Conditions for placement of skip bins on public land

To ensure the safety of individuals and the preservation of property, the following guidelines should be noted. Non-compliance with these regulations may result in the immediate removal of the skip bin at your expense and/or the issuance of fines on the spot:

  • Skip bins may only be positioned by individuals or companies holding a valid skip bin provider licence.
  • The maximum dimensions of a skip bin are restricted to 5 metres in length and 1.8 metres in width.
  • Skip bins must be situated directly in front of the property of the skip bin user. The placement of the skip bin beyond the frontage of the skip bin user’s property is only permissible with prior written consent from the adjacent property owner.
  • The positioning of the skip bin should not occupy more than one street parking space. In areas with metered parking, the skip bin must be centrally located within a single parking bay.
  • The skip bin must be positioned in accordance with all Australian Road Rules, as if it were a motor vehicle.
  • The skip bin should be placed to ensure a minimum three metre-wide passage on the roadway for vehicles to pass by. This may necessitate the use of a smaller or narrower skip bin in certain locations, or in some cases, prohibit the placement of the skip bin altogether.
  • Only one skip bin is allowed in the road reserve at any given time in front of any property. The skip bin provider can replace or swap the skip bin within the approved duration of the permit, but this does not alter the permit’s expiration date.
  • A skip bin user permit must be obtained from the Council prior to placing any bin on the Council’s roadway.
  • Placing a bin on any footpath or carriageway without prior approval is considered an offence.
  • The skip bin provider is liable for any damage caused to the road, curb, grass verge, footpath, or any injury sustained by individuals during the delivery, placement, and removal of the bin.
  • The Council retains the right to order the removal of any bin or terminate any related activity if it causes a nuisance or poses a danger. Upon receiving such an order, the applicant must comply immediately.
  • The skip bin user permit holder must agree to adhere to any special conditions imposed by the Council for this application.
  • The skip bin user permit holder is responsible for the removal of any waste deposited in or around the bin.
  • Furthermore, the skip bin user permit holder must agree to indemnify the Council against any cleanup costs that may be incurred and acknowledge that these costs may be reclaimed by the Council as a debt.
  • Food waste, dangerous, or hazardous waste should not be placed in any skip bin.

Go Bins Gold Coast provides easy and dependable skip bin rentals. You can order a skip bin from us today at competitive  prices. If you have any questions or need help, just reach out to our friendly team.