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What Size Skip Bin Do I Need to Hire?

Skip bin hire on the Gold Coast is handy for home renovations, garden clean up, and many other household jobs.

Go Bins Gold Coast can provide the right skip bin for your needs.

One thing to consider is what size bin you should choose.

You don’t want to pay for a larger bin than you need, but you don’t want to run out of space and have to hire another one to finish your job.

Here’s how to know which size skip bin is the best one for your project.


This is our smallest bin holds about as much as 12 trash cans. It’s ideal for basic household waste, garden refuse and the odds and ends that you need to get rid of when you clean out your house or do a massive clean-up outside.

If your job isn’t too big and the items you’re getting rid of are on the smaller side, this might be the right size for you.


This bin is a bit larger than the one above, holding as much as 16 trash cans full.

It holds similar waste removal to the smaller version, but can also accommodate large amounts of soil, making it great choice for smaller scale garden work as well as household cleanouts. 


For bigger jobs, this larger skip is suitable for many kinds of waste and is similar in size to 24 large trash cans.

You can use it for garden clean up, including soil, branches, general garbage and much more.

It’s also a good size if you need to get rid of appliances like microwaves and televisions as well as renovation waste like sinks, toilets and bathtubs.

You can also use it to dispose of smaller pieces of furniture and general household waste.


Similar in size to 32 trash cans, this large skip is ideal for your big jobs.

Use it for exterior and interior renovations and dispose of anything from drywall to furniture to large amounts of soil. This skip is perfect for garden and household waste management Gold Coast.


Similar in size to 48 trash cans, this large skip is suitable for Light Waste, Green Waste, General Waste, Household Waste and Clean Waste. Follow our Gold Coast Waste management Instructions.

What Not to Throw Away

Remember, you can’t use our skips for hazardous materials and chemicals, tires, paint, gas, oil, tree stumps or anything that contains asbestos.

Otherwise, feel free to fill our skips to the brim and we’ll haul it away for you. 

Call Go Bins Gold Coast today for the perfect size skip bin for your job!

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