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Small Skip Bins And How To Use Them

Skip bins are more than just practical; they are extremely versatile. They are ideal for removing clutter, keeping construction dirt during renovations or even garden refuse when maintaining your property. As straightforward as a small skip bin hire may seem, there are ways to ensure you use it effectively and get your money’s worth out of it.

It’s a simple design, with a seemingly easy way to use it. But people may still make first-timer mistakes and this article can assist you in avoiding them in the future.

Sizing Makes A Difference 

People fail to properly assess how much their skip bin will hold and usually overestimate the size when hiring one. This leads to you spending more money and using less space than needed. The opposite can also be a problem if you underestimate your waste and hire a much smaller skip than needed. You may end up doing multiple loads or having to fork out more money for another appropriately sized skip.

Focusing On Space 

As you renovate or clean up, you may quickly fill up your skip. While this could be due to hiring the incorrect size, it can also be an issue with weight limits. When hiring skips, it is essential to keep in mind the recommended limits to ensure you do not compromise yours or ignore local regulations.

Throwing Away Safe Waste 

Because of the durability of a skip, despite what you may think, you can’t just throw in any type of material. Always check with your skip bin company if your waste will be allowed or not. Batteries, paint, flammable items and asbestos are just a few materials that may cause serious damage to the skip but also harm anyone who comes into contact with the skip in question.

Learning Best Practice 

Loading a skip bin is more than just piling up your waste and flicking it over the top. In order to use it effectively, it is best to compact materials to maximise space. Other tips include loading heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on the top.

Small skip bin hire does not need to be complicated or stressful. Go Bins Gold Coast assures you that our process is hassle-free and our bins are competitively priced to offer you the best value. In need of a skip today? Call us, the experts in skip bins on the Gold Coast.